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Women’s Creative Collective for Change is a movement towards wholeness. We are a post-colonial, feminist community that believes in the creative resilience and the unbinding of our lives from the violence of oppression.

Our craft as storytellers and image-makers rewrites the culture’s master narrative through listening and sharing undertold stories.

Our priority is to create a venue for people from different communities to gather, vocalize under-told or untold stories, and bear witness to the similarities within their struggle and experience. Through this common story, people can unite to create change within their own communities.

WCC has become an international network of amazing contingents. Currently, WCC Los Angeles and WCC New York are actively engaged in workshops, events, and various creative projects. We are in the process of bringing WCC to San Francisco and East Bay, California as well as Buenos Aires, Argentina.
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As we close out the month, let’s think about what is essential to us, to our mental health, our emotional health, our growth, our learning, our ability to be close to one another.

Write about what it is you need be to open, to feel safe, to trust, to love. What is it you need? Where do you search for it? Where have you found it in the past? Where are you looking for it now?

Let’s identify the nourishment we need to blossom as spring approaches (though in California it might feel like it’s already here).

The Moon’s Influence….Dreams, Cycles, Senses

The full moon of this month was on Friday, February 14th.  The moon has long been associated with the subconscious, intuition, imagination, and emotional extremes. It could be a source of bewilderment, increase sensitivities, or simply be our source of light in darkness. Our connection to the dream world is heightened  around the full moon. This week keep an account of your dreams, revisit old ones, or explore the practice of dreaming of new worlds in relation to your own creativity, resistance, and liberation. 

 Some dream prompts…

  1. What worlds do you/have you dream(t) about recently?
  2. Recall a character from a dream. Sit quietly for a few minutes – go back into the dream space until you have a strong impression of the character. Write about them, as them, or to them.
  3. Recall an object from a dream, what does it feel like, taste like, smell like? What importance does it have to you?
  4. What futures do you dream of (unconscious or conscious)? What does this futuring entail? 
  5. Have you ever had the same dream as someone else? Or had a dream described to you and then dreamt of similar things? What would/could collectivized dreaming look and feel like? 

We spent last week thinking about what nourishes us. This week, let’s explore the idea of courage:

  • Sometimes it is necessary to step back and realize the times when we’ve exhibited amazing bravery— whether or not others would perceive it as brave. Take time this week to recognize a moment/event of courage in your past.
  • Is there something in your life now that is demanding your courage? How are you engaging with it?
  • What are situations that most allow you to feel brave? Who is there? What does that landscape look like? How do you carry that with you to other territories? 
(As always, remember that these prompts are only meant to be a guide or starting point— if you are called to write about other things, please do. We’re just glad to be writing. Together.) 

We are beginning this week by talking about the things that nourish us. What is it that feeds your creativity, nourishes your soul, gives you life? What does it look like, what’s its shape, color, smell, taste, texture?

It’s that time of the year again! Dust off your notebooks-journals-keyboards- and WRITE!

The goal is to write everyday for a month. This session runs February 1-28. You can write as little or as much as you want in any format – poetry, journal entry, short story, article – but the point is to write every day. We’ll also have weekly prompts available to get you started, but responding to them is not required. Prompts will be posted at the Facebook event page and on this very tumblr.

So if you want to get back into your writing groove and join up with a community of bad ass female and trans writers from across the globe, join our February Writers Workshop!

How to participate:
Before February 1:

  • If you don’t already have one, set up a tumblr or wordpress where you can post your writing every day.
  • If you’d like other writers in this year’s workshop to read your work, comment, and support you, please post a link to your tumblr on the Facebook event or as a comment to this post, along with your preferred name, and we will add your blog to the list of participating blogs.

February 1-28:

  • Check this facebook page and the tumblr page for new prompts every week.
  • Strive to write something on your blog every day.
  • Visit other writer’s blogs to read their work.
  • Get creative

Can’t Wait to Start Writing With You :)

relax. writers’ block is a natural wave. just like your body needs rest. so does your soul. do something different. go dance in the rain. eat some good food. make love. your being will wake you up in the middle of the night, coming home from the gym, in the middle of a conversation. it will let you know when the words are coming. relax. let the words come and go, as they may. they know you are home.
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Shahrzad Changalvaee, The Wall (2006)

For us the best word to describe her work is “TRANSLATION”, she explores typography and poetry in very graphical and poetical way completed by her own ancestral Persian heritage.”

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Gloria Evangelina Anzaldúa

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A Lovely Day documents nine youth from Oakland, California immersed in a six month Hip Hop music therapy workshop. The film chronicles the youth as they set out to make music that not only expresses their thoughts, but also builds a stronger community through widespread change and hope. The resiliency upheld by these teens’ voices shows that they cannot be dismissed, that they are in fact some of our most important educators in a critical time of change.

A Lovely Day is almost finished!! After six years of fundraising, shooting and editing, completion is right around the corner! We need these last funds to complete the final edits for our Oakland premiere. The Oakland premiere is scheduled for October 11, 2012 at the Grand Lake Theater. Please support us by donating funds and if we make our goal, come join us on October 11 at the theater!

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Yeah awesome! Someone already made our patch idea and it looks rad! yay trans brain esp!

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